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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Monthly Report

By the numbers (and examples of note)
times I've moved: 2
new flatmates: 7 (+1 cat)
bus rides: 8
bike rides: 4
train rides: 0
ferry rides: 0
walks in a park: 13
walks after midnight:3
times I've made stir-fry:3
times I ate stir-fry leftovers:4
liters of milk: 4.5
loaves of bread: 2
movies (in the cinema): 2 (Harry Potter and The Disappearance of Alice Creed)
movies (on TV): 12 (The Last Emporer, Die Hard series, It's Complicated)
books read: 6 ("Under the Mountain", "See Ya, Simon", "Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules")
short stories read: 15 (Half a Grapefruit by Alice Munro, Best of Betty by Jincy Willett)
times I used the library computer: 7
times I used my flatmates computer: 9
interviews: 2 (for three positions)
job offers: 0
new bands I've seen playing live music: 8 (Heart Attack Alley)
swims in the Pacific Ocean: 2
swims in the Tasman Sea: 1
pick up soccer games: 1
blisters: 2
minutes spent calling home: 47
baking competitions entered: 1
place: 2
cookies/pieces of pie eaten at Christmas party: 8
invites to New Year's parties: 3
hours spen turning a pair of pants and a belt into a satchel: 6
minutes spent coutning angels on a pinhead, wondering what to do next: 378

*Note: beer total does not include New Year's Eve

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