Monday, December 6, 2010

A quiet little place in the city

I've been off the radar for a while taking care of some basic necessities like finding a new place to live. My stay with Marianne and Terry, wonderful in every way, was ending before the holidays. I had trouble thinking I could find another place so comfortable, convenient and affordable, but I did! It's perfect: fine, friendly young people, an excellent backyard for reading and drying clothes in the sun, a short walk to awesome pubs, cafes, downtown and the beach.

And there's a hammock!

On my street, Collingwood, I saw a flower getting some attention from a bee.

My new addy is

6/25 Collingwood St
Freeman's Bay
Auckland 1011
New Zealand

It's just a block and a half from Ponsonby Rd, and another block to my favorite burger joint, Murder Burger. Check out their website.
I like this picture they posted of Street Fighter II characters in the minimalism style, except that it really shafts Zangief of his best attribute.

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