Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The romantic aura of the artistic recluse

Since my last post, I got my grad school diploma, managed to get hired as a full time children's librarian, and moved back to America. More on those things later.

Here now are some images from the Driving Creek Railway, located in the Coromandel Penninsula home and studio grounds of Barry Brickell. He uses the clay to make his pottery. He built a small 15" railroad, himself, to transport clay out of the hills, and to move the finished pottery around. Check him out!

Even though he only needs to go about 200m into the property to get the clay, he continued building the railway.

He built bridges over gullies, including this double decker,

tunnels through hills,

and used a clever system of switchbacks to climb the hills. Then he lined the hills with sculptures.

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  1. I was particularly fond of the little rest stop in mid-air... at least, that's how it felt.
    Fab views & lots of fun... but not so great for those (like me) who are acrophobics.
    Glad you're safe. Not so glad it happens to be in the US.