Friday, February 25, 2011

Danger Danger Danger

Aotea Island signs are full of helpful warnings about how to deal with hazardous situations:

Do not put your head underwater in the hot springs. The impulse to do so is strong, definitely, but only in a morbid kind of way. Like when you are driving and you have the notion to put your head in the steering wheel. Why do humans have these thoughts? I don't know.

I hated color-coded fear in America, and I'm sad it has made it to New Zealand. I thought about burning this sign down in a neatly ironic protest.

My favorite danger sign was really just warning me about how much I would enjoy crossing this deep gully on a swing bridge made out of metal and chainlink, Indiana Jones style.

Aotea Island is a dangerous place but, like most danger, only if you bother to read. What, me worry?


  1. Drakster! It's Haynie from Ohio. Just checking in to make sure that you were safe. My prayers go out to the people of Churchill. Hope all is well my good man. Drop me a line at somtime...