Sunday, February 13, 2011

the trip, part 2, part c: OUT

The morning came and fortunately the weather had rained itself out. So I got to wake up to waterfalls pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain.

I thought that was cool and all until I saw this:

Hopefully the picture is good enough to capture that this waterfall fell from a slope so steep and high that it never hit the ground! It just evaporated in the wind coming through the valley. Wild.

More and more walking, enjoying how light our packs were after eating most of our food. We had taken a large supply of homemade trail mix, dried figs and apricots, some VitaMix (like gatorade) packets and a large supply of Bumper Bars and One Square Meals.

Both of these delightful products are made by Cookie Time, a kiwi company that was founded by New Zealands only indigenous muppet:

The long road emerged from the beech-dominated forest along the shore of fantastic Lake Motaru. Coop and I agreed that relaxing on the sand next to a freezing cold mountain lake was a fine reward for our efforts. We did not agree that swimming in the freezing cold lake was another fine reward. While Coop tooka dip, my inner Librarian took over, compelling me to organize the magazines in Motaru Hut where we slept that night.

Another short walk the next morning brought us to the end of the trail, but not without some really exciting river crossings over swaying suspension bridges like this one:

The end of the trail happened to be part of the scenery from The Lord of the Rings, but as these sites go it was pretty underwhelming. The guidebook said it was one of the locations for the River Anduin, but who knows where or when the heck that was in the movie?

In fact, we probably got closer to Peter Jackson and co. when we hit up the cast's favorite restaurant and bar in town, the Redcliff cafe back in Te Anau.

There were more adventures back in Auckland, ones where I am forced to jump into something I am not sure I'll like. Stay tuned, true believers!

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