Thursday, February 24, 2011

Go North

North of Auckland, about four and a half hours by boat, is a fantastic island called Aotea, aka Great Barrier Island. A mere 600 people live in this paradise of rocky mountains, forested valleys, naturals hot springs and cool, wide beaches. I got off the ferry at Tryphena harbor where I got a ride up to where I started hiking. Jill (or Gell) the van driver had lived on the island for 12 years. When I told her how fresh it felt, so free of electric lights or pollution in the air she said "Well, sometimes the dust can be a problem." I found it hard to agree with this being a problem.

Quite a lot to see from the precipices of the coastal track along the east coast. Looking here at Rakitu (Arid) Island from Aotea.

The forest has trees that grow at all levels, and it would seem at different levels of sunlight. This makes it really dense, and muggy when it's wet.

Have you ever camped close to cows? It's scary. Quit lookin' at me, cow.

From the front door (only door, really) of my tent Thursday night.

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