Thursday, October 7, 2010

And on and on and on

Today's adventure took me and Bettina to Charlotte where we visited the ImaginOn center, a building devoted entirely to youth library services. omgomgomg, I really love this place! They devoted the whole first floor to children, including a new space just for tweens. There's a 'storylab' where you can create so many kinds of stories. For instance, dress up and act it out, and see yourself on a video screen, or perform a puppet show for an audience, like this little fable about the Hungry Lion and the Tasty Koala:

The staff most kindly answered a ton of nerdy librarian questions. I asked just how resistant the carpet is to stains (to be fair, the carpet is much cooler and more colorful than most library carpets). But they also showed me the studio in the teen room where you can make movies in front of a blue screen, or do stop motion animation, or record a music video

Other cool parts of the teen room includes dry erase markers for easy to clean graffiti on windows, a wall of patron produced anime art, staff training for homeless teen issues, and programming for teen parents.

And that was the fun last part of being in North Carolina with sis. Big shout out to Ms. Yvette and the Five Points Church's Chicken Spicier Spice 3 pc. meal. Back in Pittsburgh tonight, the countdown to departure stands at a mere 60 hours!


  1. Church's biscuits are also excellent, although I prefer Popeye's.