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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello, my dear Auckland!

I am here! Yes, in Auckland, New Zealand! Nearly a year after first hatching this crazy scheme I have made it and love it already. Still fruit loops after nearly 24 hours of travel and flying around the world being chased by the dawn when it caught up with me this morning. The in-flight info told me that we were traveling at Mach 0.85, which means I watched Raising Arizona and the new Robin Hood at very nearly the speed of sound.

I am staying with two extremely wonderful, generous, intelligent, involved, lovely people named Marianne and Terry Kayes. Here they are, I hope you get to meet them someday:

Today, Marianne took me on a walk of the neighborhood. Within a few moments of leaving the house, we came to the top of one of Auckland's 29 extinct volcano cones. Somehow, I find the cone to be a bit friendlier for being all grassed over. The weather was cloudy and cool. To the left you'll see downtown Auckland, and to the right, across the bay, you can see Rangitoto Island.

I haven't taken too many pictures of Auckland yet, but stay tuned. The library internship sets sail this Monday!


  1. Looks amazing! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to talk to you about everything soon! Also--email that picture of Andrew with the spiked hair when you get a chance. We didn't take any with his hair like that! Now, get away from your computer and go explore!!

  2. Do you live on Cock Lane?