Monday, October 25, 2010

To Catch A Fish

Last weekend, I got to have fun with Marianne and Terry at their house at Langs Beach, just up the road about one and a half hours northwest of Auckland. The house, of course, is spectacular. Here's the view:

Terry is an avid kayak fisherman. His rig is totally sweet: little places for bait, a line for fish, a nice fast craft. I am not an avid kayak fisherman, but here I am playing the part:

Terry guided me out to sea, literally to sea. If you could keep going past us in the picture, you would run into the Chilean miners. Note: take the waves straight on, otherwise you're in the drink.

So, being an avid kayak fisherman, Terry caught a red snapper within ten minutes. And me, not being an avid fisherman, caught seaweed. But we kept trying. The gannets that flew around overhead were fun to watch. They sweep wide circles in the sky and then suddenly dive, swoosh! right into the water. After a bit they come up, usually with a wriggling catch for themselves. We thought that they must know something we didn't, so we followed them to their spot. Lo and behold, fish! I caught the next one, a real struggle for me (not an avid fisherman, see above) but Terry was a fantastic coach and we got him in. A while later, Terry reeled in out third snapper and gurnard to round it off. Here I am taking all the credit for Terry's hard work:

Now, we are not the only ones involved in this deal. It was a true team effort. Since Terry is an avid fisherman, Marianne is an avid fishercook, so she whipped ol' Snappy into a very delicious meal.

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