Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Morning

Am I getting tired of having adventures everyday? No. Although I suspect that the sort of guazy-eyes I have at each new thing will at some point focus on what New Zealand might want to promote for itself, but for now I am more than satisfied to be completely obsessed with the more or less normal parts of life here (oooh! a roundabout! ooooh! a litre of something!). Among the vistas that New Zealanders may take in stride that I have not yet seen enough of is beaches. Friday morning was a trip to Beachlands, just to the southwest of Auckland.

Just on this one small beach near some property that Marianne and Terry are putting on the market, I found some really exciting photos. There was an old shack built on the beach, maybe used for housing a boat or something, but it appeared to be abandoned now.

I have become very fond of the Pohutukawa (you sort of say Pu-ta-cow-ah) tree. They are a native NZ species that are sometimes called a Christmas tree because the bloom vibrant red flowers in the summer. They are all over the place, literally, since the can grow on the very edges of cliffs. Sometimes, the cliffs erode or crumble and the tree just deals with it. I found this one almost looking like it was walking down onto the beach.

A little further down the beach was a sea cave! I was really jazzed about this. It was big enough to climb in and probably filled up at high tide. It got me thinking how excited I am for Harry Potter 7 (which incidentally debuts in New Zealand on NOVEMBER 18th! Too bad, America!)

After some time on the beach here, we headed to a small area where we had a coffee. I usually order a 'tall black' (an americano) or a 'flat white' (a less-foamy cappucino). The view of Rangitoto and Waiheke Islands was a little shrouded, but still impressive to me. I also found a little place where I'd like to drop off my resume....

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