Saturday, November 13, 2010

Around Auckland 2

Yesterday was the monthiversary of being in Auckland. I've become quite acquainted with the place. I feel very confident getting lost now, figuring that I'll almost definitely find my way back form wherever I am. I can get from Epsom to Ponsonby easily, Grey Lynn to St. Helier's would be no sweat (just a long bike ride) via the waterfront and estuary causeway. In this spirit, I biked around after seeing Play Dads at Epsom branch last weekend and found all sorts of things. First stop was Royal Oak, an area whose business district is dominated by a huge roundabout. I got some Goody Gumdrops ice cream at Ollie's. It tasted like, and I mean this in a nice way, really sweet, delicious minty toothpaste.

Along Balmoral road I rode, taking breaks every now and then to stop into stores. I went into a toy store that advertised a huge Lego collection. There were all kinds of sets! Star Wars, Prince of Persia, other space and firehouse sets, just everything. And then I came across this advent calendar set. I don't know where to begin with what is confusing about it, but I would include the mom holding a huge smoking sausage and the flying robot rat over the tree.

I continued on my way west and got to the Pt. Chevalier. It's pronounced "chev-a-LEER", rather than "che-VAL-yey". There were a group of people playing music and doing capoeria (I don't even know the pronunciation for that) at the park near the water. It was fun to watch, this fight-dancing. It seemed in a really fun spirit to cartwheel and kick to the rapid drumbeats and high warbles of the long, bow-like sting instruments.

Anyway, I point out the pronunciation of the place because I kept thinking of this Marx Brothers piece while I was there. From Monkey Business.

The park had trails that led down to the water where people were having enjoying themselves in different ways. Talking, drinking, laying in the sunset, playing touch rugby, listening to music. Many were fishing, like these guys at the bottom of the steps made out of black basalt rocks.

After all this biking and fun I thought I'd cap it off with a tasty meal out. I decided to stop at Murder Burger (the one with the cat!). Good choice. The burger was huge but thin, so it didn't make me feel like I had a huge lump in my stomach afterward.

The sauce was a sort of horseradish mayonnaise. The burger was served with beets on it. The ginger beer was a fizzy, refreshing beverage for the meal and a tired cyclist. The other fabulous detail of the place was that the magazine selection included MAD magazine from January 1980, complete with Carter administration jokes!

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  1. Goody Gumdrops... I *heart* goody gumdrops icecream.

    Next step - jellytip icecream. Be a real kiwi - and get a jellytip trumpet. Altho - mint trumpets are back! So, maybe try one of them, too.

    I also recommend Burger Fuel - handily across the road. Kumara fries with aioli. Bliss!