Saturday, November 27, 2010

When the day is done

After I'm done at the library, I usually do one of a few things downtown before heading home. I spend a lot of time in Albert Park, just across the street.

Sometimes I walk around and sight-see or people watch. This is a shot of the Sky Tower from its base, unless you're familiar with the tripods from John Christopher's The White Mountains trilogy. Did I ever tell you I had a dream about being in that story? I was part of a group of slaves in one of the cities, attempting a daring escape. We had to be absolutely silent, and we were, even though it was painful and hot and slow going. Fortunately, Inspector Gadget was among the slaves. His gadgets were invaluable in eluding the tripods. Nearing the hole in the dome over the city, freedom was so close we could think of nothing else but leaving this tortured existence when all of a sudden, every single one of Inspector Gadgets gadgets went off and we were caught and doomed to horrible fates.

There is a movie theater in the basement of the library. There isn't really a relationship to speak of; the library and movie theater just share the building. After work one day I went to see Exit Through The Gift Shop a documentary about...street art, but also a crazy guy who was extremely creative but in uncontrollable ways. It's hilarious. It was made by Banksy (pictured) who I figured wouldn't mind if I took pictures in the theater.

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