Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 6th Day Fourteen - Play Dads

Practicum day 14

Site: Epsom community library

practicum hours worked: 1

practicum hours to date: 80

Play Dads is a special storytime aimed at dads and male caregivers offered every fortnight. The content is modeled from Wriggle & Rhyme (the motion and music early literacy program). The session that I attended (and yes, hokey-pokeyed at) was presented by two male librarians at the same time! I think this is special because it gives a strong sense of male participation in early childhood development, and it heightens the feeling of a group rather than a presenter and audience. The songs, fingerplays and props used are all simple and familair but the attendance, typically 20-25 is all adult males with babies aged from 0-2. It was simply a very special and in some ways ingenious effort to target dads.

in the staff room

hot chocolates today: 0 (I had one but it was Milo, a mix I made that didn't taste as great as the regular hot chocolate so I'm not counting it)

hot chocolates to date: 18

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