Thursday, November 25, 2010

The present in pictures and the future in coffee

I got a book from the library about digital photography. See what you think of the progress:

TIP: use black and white.
SUBJECT: Marianne and Terry's kitchen

TIP: In situations that are flooded with light, such as landscapes during the day, use a low ISO setting. The ISO measures sensitivity to light. Use a high ISO for close ups and action shots.
SUBJECT: Comedy Central roast of Mike King.

TIP: The button on digital cameras often have a setting that, when pushed halfway down, will autofocus. If you autofocus and, still holding the button halfway down, move the camera around you can dictate where the focus will be.
SUBJECT: glass bead mosaic pathway

Some other photos. This one is of the White Lady, a late night burger stand in Newmarket.

One of many flat whites I've had.

I was reading a book about how to become a wizard called The Wizard's Apprentice by Herbie Brennan. He described how to become a wizard by honing the mind and yoking imagination. So it got me thinking about divination and tea leaves. What if you're a wizard and don't drink a lot of tea? And you prefer, say, cappuccino? The future I'm seeing in this cup is....I will buy some trendy skinny robes from American Magical Apparel?

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